Welcome to Schutz High School

Our High School philosophy at Schutz American School is based on our core learning values—learning how to learn in a changing world is an essential life-long process, creativity and perseverance lead to success, and integrity is vital for a community to thrive. The goal of our High School program is to ensure that students develop the knowledge, skills, and confidence that will allow them not only to gain admission to the top colleges and universities in the world, but more importantly to fulfill their life-long aspirations and to act to better their communities.

Our High School serves students in grades 9-12 with approximate class sizes between 18 and 20 students. English is the language of instruction. Students in High School play an active role in the learning process. We teach independence and personal responsibility. Students learn to set measurable, achievable goals, to be responsible for their belongings and for their actions, and to become confident in their abilities. We stress understanding, critical thinking, and problem solving. We want the students to enjoy education and become lifelong learners.

The High School curriculum is focused on excellence, high expectations, and active, engaged learning grounded in the liberal arts and sciences and provides our students classes in Language Arts, History and Social Studies, Mathematics, Physical and Life Sciences, Computer Science, World Languages, Fine and Performing Arts, and Physical Education. We offer Advanced Placement (AP) exams to enrich the High School experience of students willing and able to apply themselves to college-level studies and to provide the means for colleges to grant credit or placement to students who have successfully completed the rigorous AP curriculum.

Our High School faculty and school leaders take into account the unique nature of their students and keep that nature at the heart of their decision-making. Our High School faculty is extremely knowledgeable in their subject area, passionate about teaching, and committed to the well being and learning of their students.